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The TIMELINE for the NP before the formation of the Steering Group on 14 June 2023 is as follows:

31.05.2022 Parish Council Assembly with presentation by Andy Bateman on Charmouth NP

21.06.2022 NP meeting – Geoff Fry (Chair of PC) hands over responsibility for NP to the community.

There were then a series of meetings on 7 + 27 July, 10 + 17 August and 7 Sept 2022.

08.11.2022 Presentation by Dorset Council Local Planning Authority on NP

10.01.2023 Community Engagement Working Group (CEWG) formed

The CEWG held meetings on 25 Jan; 16 Feb, 9 March; 4 + 24 April and 4 May 2023 in preparation for the first community event on 13.05.2023.

24.05.2023 Wash up meeting after the community event

14.06.2023 The Steering Group was formed at this meeting.

The archive includes notes from these early meetings before 14.06.2023. (The CEWG minutes are under Meetings and Minutes tab)

31.05.22 Parish Council Assembly

21.06.22 Meeting

07.07.22 Meeting

27.07.22 Meeting

10.08.22 Meeting

17.08.22 Meeting

07.09.22 Meeting

08.11.22 Meeting with presentation by Dorset Local Planning Authority