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The Community Engagement Working Group was set up to engage with the local community, creating a two-way dialogue in the development of the NP.

Community involvement, ideas and views are an essential part of evidence gathered to support the preparation of the NP. Each village has its own representatives yet one plan will be produced which reflects these separate identities.

Meetings, events and activities are for everyone to join – we need your involvement! This can mean attending meetings or subscribing to our email list to keep up to date with what’s going on, taking part in events or joining a group for particular tasks. Part of the NP includes a survey of all residents that will confirm or question the draft proposals. Responding to the survey will be an important way to be involved.

Business – this is part of the CEWG

The landowners and businesses within the community are vital in defining the nature of the parish. There are over 40 businesses operating in the 3 villages including farms of varying sizes, leisure facilities such as caravan and campsites, pubs and restaurants, holiday accommodation and a range of small enterprises that often operate from residential addresses.

Engaging with these enterprises is important in defining their contribution to the unique nature of our community. Their views are valuable in providing evidence to support our Plan. We also need to know what their needs are in the future in terms of planning and services and whether these can be included in the Plan.