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The Plan is being developed by volunteers, however there are still costs to be considered such as hiring meeting rooms, printing maps, publicity materials and surveys. A Neighbourhood Plan is a  large undertaking and to achieve the best outcomes we also require the services of a professional consultant.

The Finance Working Group first met in August 2023 to explore the likely costs and sources of income. The Parish Council is the legal entity and decision-making body for the plan, and as such, it handles all income and expenditure. The FWG liaises with the Parish Council to keep them appraised of the budget and have agreed financial support from the Parish Council for periods where smaller project costs cannot be met from a grant.

In late 2023 the FWG were asked to find a suitable planning consultant for the project. This was achieved, and required the support of a grant from Locality. A claim was submitted and the first grant covering the period up to 31 March 2024 was awarded by Groundwork UK (on behalf of Locality) in February. 

The FWG will continue to work with the Parish Council to source funding for the plan, to make further grant applications where necessary and to make sure that the Parish Council receives appropriate assurance regarding the grant expenditure