In the event of ICE / SNOW

ROADS TO BE GRITTED by Dorset Highways in the event of ICE/SNOW

In the event of icy roads this winter the Dorset Highways has committed itself to keeping various roads fit for driving. The main routes, the A35 and the B3157, will be gritted by the DCC. When snow is forecast Dorset Highways will grit the following local routes:

Swyre Road and Beach Road, West Bexington.

From the B3157 though Swyre as far as the junction of Clay Lane and Looke Lane.

NB Rectory Lane will not be gritted.  Gritting begins again at the T junction of Rectory Lane with Litton Lane.

Along Litton Lane to Litton Cheney.

Through Litton Cheney to Long Bredy.

Left at Long Bredy to Littlebredy.  NB a part of this road will not be gritted (see attached map).

At the V junction bearing left (Longlands Lane) to the A35.

Various roads in Puncknowle are not covered by the Dorset Highways plan.  In an attempt to cover this the Parish Council has called forward and stored sufficient salt.  The likely trouble spots in our villages have been identified and volunteers living close to each of these trouble spots have taken charge of a sufficient quantity of salt to cover these areas.

If you have any questions please contact Derek Heaver, 01308 898466.